Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Playing with my new lens on Steinway

On Sunday my ancient camera underwent a transformation. I scored an amazing new lens for $15 at my favorite flea market on 11th and A (post coming soon) and it felt like the first day of the rest of my life. It's a fixed zoom, making full-body shots a huge challenge, but I'm in love. To celebrate, I was meeting my friends Gaby and Rachel at one of (what was) our favorite Salvation Armies, right off of the Steinway stop. In Queens. Three stops out of the city, mind you, but still, Queens. Let that emphasize how special this location really is.
After an extensive in-store photoshoot, I was yelled at by an employee who then forced me to delete all of the pictures I had taken in the store while she watched. I argued how cute the pictures were, but to no avail. She had me delete them all. This is why I want everyone reading this to go to the Salvation Army by Steinway, take a ton of photos and then RUN AWAY. 
Here are some pictures of Gaby and smoke and Queens (I'm a sucker for anything festive).


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