Friday, October 21, 2011


I'll just start off by saying that this post is extremely overdue. So much so that it's ridiculous, but I thought that I would take a beginning-of-school-year hiatus even though I started this blog about a month prior (ha). With that said, a little over a month ago I went to the Coterie fashion trade show at the Jacob Javits Center. The day before I went, I had gone to the Capsule Trade Show (see below) so of course I was doing a lot of mental comparing.
For one - the difference of environment. I don't think I can step foot inside the JJC without being immediately overwhelmed by the grandeur of this building. It looked like the amount of designer stations were infinite. As exciting as this was, I much preferred the setup of Capsule. Even though there were some spectacular designers being shown at Coterie, there was A LOT of, what I thought was, mediocrity to navigate through. Of course that's just my opinion, but Capsule felt like a concentrated selection of brands that I love, catering specifically to my taste. If only life could be like that.
Fortunately for me, I knew where I was going because I was on a mission to meet a design team that I had just recently discovered but instantly fell in love with: Sara and Suruzi. After meeting them I did a bit of looking around but got discouraged by all of the stuck up show rooms that wouldn't let me take pictures. That's right, I said it.

 Sara and Suruzi's SS12 collection is striking. Delicate, sheer blouses and dresses in muted beige tones looked so beautiful among the strong, dramatic black coats with fur detailing. I adored the minty fabric that popped up throughout the collection adding subtle bits of color and giving the garments a very light feel.   

I was happy to see their signature
interestingly shaped flowy black and white tops

The lovely ladies themselves

 Sono drs instantly drew me in with its completely black and white color scheme, my two favorite colors. Their SS12 collection looked like a lovely tribute to Twiggy's B&W A line dresses. This was probably not intended, but I thought it was great.

 Mackage SS12 was very dark and moody. An extremely extensive predominantly black collection was detailed with super Alexander McQueen smoke prints, pops of chestnut and the occasional camouflage fabric, which I thought was really odd.

There were a few black and white sheath
dresses that I thought were really cute and simple

I saw this woman as I was leaving and was
so impressed. Look at those socks!
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