Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gen Art

On Friday night I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Gen Art Fresh Faces In Fashion runway show which showcased emerging talents such as: William Okpo, Ace & Jig, Sunghee Bang, Baron Wells, Eighteenth, Jennifer Chun and Ann Yee.
Not only was I lucky enough to attend, but I somehow got a seat in the second row, letting me take (what I thought were) pretty decent shots of all the beautiful looks walking down the runway. 
Here are a few looks by each designer that stood out to me.
First up was design duo William Okpo:

With a soft, warm color palette, William Okpo created a collection that not only screamed spring/summertime, but actually reminded me of the sun itself. Most of the looks were monochromatic complemented by gold jewelry and had a modern edge.

Ace & Jig's line had an abundance of fun prints, enveloped by somewhat of a Woodstock feel.
I thought this look was fun.
I didn't expect to see a baja coming down the runway.

Sunghee Bang's collection consisted of busy prints stunningly combined with a minimalist color story. All of the garments were fascinatingly cut and dressed with the most avant-garde styling of the show. 

Baron Wells was the only menswear design team of the night.
The collection was very cute and preppy with a twist. Also, I appreciated the length of the shorts as an advocate of short-short-wearing boys.
I'm sorry but I have to question those sticks. 
I'm sure there's some deep meaning behind them,
 but the people I talked to after the show and I were just a bit confused.
Questionable choice. 

One of the designers who's taste resonates particularly with my own is Alexa Galler with her collection: Eighteenth. The words I would use to sum up this collection are dramatic, flowy, oversized, asymmetrical and breathtaking. This designer is one that i've spent quite a bit of time with and was glad that her great sense of humor was coming through in the way she completely switched up the mood of the show by having classical music play as the models walked the runway.

What stood out about Jennifer Chun's collection were the strong lines in her garments, the geometric construction of the looks and the well thought out pops of color in certain pieces. Also, I found that many pieces by this designer created a lovely, defined silhouette.

And closing the show was Ann Yee, the designer I've been interning with for eight months now. Her SS12 collection is light, playful and breezy while still looking mature and elegant. Sheer Chiffon and Silk are draped delicately and paired with subtly printed pants and dresses. With a beautiful color story and great styling, these graceful garments were a magnificent finale to the show.

Ann Yee chose a modernized 20s/30s finger wave for
her model's hair as well as dewy skin and a vibrant lip 

As all of these pictures were taken by me, 
feel free to use them 
but PLEASE make sure to give credit where credit is due.


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Beautiful pictures, Sam. And your comments suited the collections to a T!

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